As of the 29th of September 2013, all Network Ten web assets were rebranded under the "tenplay" website, offering an all-in-one website including playlist, and social sign-in features.

tenplay uses Brightcove VDN and Akamai CDN to stream Catch Up TV programs. All videos appear to be accessible over all three transport methods that Brightcove supports, HTTP progressive download, HTTP live streaming (Apple HLS) and RTMP streaming, and do not use Flash Access encryption. 

Media APIEdit

The Brightcove Media API allows searching and retrieving details of videos. All videos have customTags specifying the tv_show, start and end dates (for each state) and what type of video it is. Some videos also contain tags specifying the series/season of the TV show, and the week of broadcast.

The media API token for the tenplay website is:


Experience APIEdit

The Brightcove Experience API is used by the offical brightcove players to get the video player parameters including the URL of the media asset. The AMF version of the API can be accessed at, further detail can be found with Google as Brightcove is used in many other platforms.

The playerKey for the tenplay website is: 


APIEdit

Network Ten uses Janrain Engage for sign-in, which provides 3rd party sign-in and registration as a service [1].

All APIs that require that the user be signed in are based on , for example, the "Add To User's Playlist" API is:

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