Ninemsn video

Ninemsn Video (previously called FIXPlay) is Channel Nine's Catchup TV Service.

Videos use either MSN's video player or Brightcove's.

Most of the knowledge to get access to the video metadata can be obtained from the js file at ( mirrored and unminified at )

MSN-based video metadata can be found at

Brightcove video metadata can be found at,referenceId,version,name,shortDescription,publishedDate,startDate,endDate,length,itemState,thumbnailURL,videoStillURL,playsTotal&custom_fields=genre,network,provider,series,season,episode,originalairdate,classification&get_item_count=true where 2344594572001 is the video ID present on the HTML page.

FlashAccess DRM is used by Brightcove.

Channel Nine's newer shows, such as The Voice, have shifted to a different technology using Adobe HDS. However, there is sufficient information in the videos page to derive the manifest file that allows for downloading and automatic assembly of all fragments using the AdobeHDS PHP (and probably the Python branch) script.

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